THE TECHNOLOGY EMSculpt NEO is a unique body sculpting device that combines radiofrequency (RF) and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to simultaneously target unwanted fat while building muscle. The two technologies complement each other, though they work in different ways: EMSculpt NEO RF: RF heating raises the temperature of muscle and fat. Muscle responds […]


EMTONE FDA-approved BTL EMTone reduces the appearance of cellulite dimples by simultaneously emitting radio frequency and targeted pressure energy. Combining them creates a synergistic effect neither technology can create alone. With EMTone, the five causes of cellulite dimples are addressed: loss of elasticity from deteriorating elastin and collagen fibers, enlarged fat chambers, metabolic waste retention, […]


EMSELLA EMSella is FDA-approved for the non-invasive treatment of urinary incontinence. The procedure uses high-intensity focused electromagnetics (HIFEM) to stimulate pelvic floor muscle contractions and neuromuscular control. You can also gain bladder control by strengthening your deep pelvic floor muscles. While fully clothed, EMSella patients at Botaniq Health sit in the EMSella chair (sometimes called […]


EMFACE EMFace uses cutting-edge technology to stimulate muscle contraction and rejuvenate skin tissue. Botaniq Health is deeply committed to offering you the best of this patented technology at our Tampa office. EMFace is a new facial treatment technology that revolutionizes how we rejuvenate and define our faces. Radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) treatments […]

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss in Tampa Control cravings and reduce your appetite to achieve significant weight loss with the newest FDA-approved injectable prescription peptide for weight management What is Semaglutide? Semaglutide (brand names Wegovy and Ozempic) is a glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) analog. GLP-1 is a hormone produced in the small intestine that stimulates insulin secretion and […]

Concierge Primary Care

CONCIERGE PRIMARY CARE IN TAMPA Consider your concierge primary care physician as the personal hub of your healthcare system. Botaniq Health is committed to providing high-quality, convenient, and accessible preventive primary care to its members. Our monthly membership model ensures that you have access to your physician anywhere/anytime, even evenings and weekends. All of your […]

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